First Care
Preschool and Daycare
Tuition and Fees
Enrollment Application Fee:
There is a $30 nonrefundable processing fee due with each enrollment.

Sibling Discount:
A 10% reduction is applied to the tuition rate of the child with the lowest tuition when two or more siblings are enrolled.

Tuition Policy:
  • All new families are required to pay the first and last week's tuition upon admission
  • Tuition must be paid one week in advance
  • There is a $25 charge for all returned checks
  • Accounts that are five working days overdue will be charged an additional $30.00.  An additional $10.00 fee per every five working days will be assessed if the account becomes further overdue.  Failure to pay within 2 weeks will result in a letter reminding you of your missed payments.  After 4 weeks of non-payment, we may be unable to provide services, although you will still be responsible for past due amounts.
Tuition Rates:
      Infant, Waddler and Toddler Rooms:

          Full Time Childcare - $225.00/week   
    Preschool Rooms:

          Full Time Childcare - $205.00/week   
     Part Time Rates for any age:
          3 days/week = $144.00
          4 days/week = $188.00

Scholarships may be available for up to 50% tuition coverage to those in need.  Ask the Director for a scholarship application.
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